20.6.21ME Global Chronicleに映画の記事

2014年からオランダの有志の方々によって年に数回発行されている、The ME Global Chronicleというインターナショナルな英語のニュースレターがあります。世界の医療者や患者団体から寄せられた情報を編集したもので、編集顧問は「闇からの声なき声」に出演された、アメリカのシカゴのデポール大学心理学部教授である、レオナード・ジェイソン先生です。

6月21日に最新版が届きました。その中で、当会が製作したドキュメンタリー映画「この手に希望を~ME/CFSの真実」の英語字幕付き版が、間もなくVIMEOに公開されることを、”International Release of “Hope to Our Hands: The Hidden Story of ME/CFS in Japan”と題して投稿しました。

International Release of “Hope to Our Hands: The Hidden Story of ME/CFS in Japan”

Mieko Shinohara (President, Japan ME Association)

The nonprofit association Japan ME Association will soon release on VIMEO an English-subtitled version of the Japanese documentary film “Hope to Our Hands: The Hidden Story of ME/CFS in Japan.” Originally created to raise awareness among medical professionals and policymakers and screened across Japan since its completion in 2018, the new English-subtitled version brings the film to an international audience for the first time.

The trailer (with an English translation) may be viewed here: https://bit.ly/2YkKov9

The situation of Japanese ME/CFS patients has been unknown outside Japan. Most Japanese patients lack the English skills to access online information from abroad. Amidst this isolation, the Japanese government and medical profession have continued to neglect the disease as a “fatigue” illness with psychogenic factors for the last 30 years. It is also the story of a patient advocacy association created in 2010 by a patient who fell ill while living in the United States and their efforts to raise awareness and bring about much-needed change.

Receiving recommendations from the Japan Medical Association president and the former Japanese Society for Neurology president and the strong support of patients and doctors alike, it is our hope that in sharing the documentary, Japan can begin to join the international ME/CFS community to advocate for patients’ lives. Further info at: www.mecfsjapan.com